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Compuware Partner Offers Manufacturing ERP Solution That Can Be Implemented in Weeks

VSI Application Available in Time for Year-end Implementation

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. -- August 23, 1999 -- Compuware Corporation (NASDAQ:CPWR) today announced the availability of a sophisticated business rules-based manufacturing ERP solution through VSI, a Compuware Business Alliance Partner. VSI offers a completely Y2K-compliant manufacturing ERP solution. Installation can begin well into September 1999 and be running in time for the new millennium.

VSI achieved significant productivity gains in rewriting the VS+ application in UNIFACE. Originally the application was created using the Progress toolset and required 18 months to develop. The UNIFACE rewrite took only seven months and required 70 percent fewer programmers. The speed and ease of the rewrite reflects both the rapid application development capabilities of UNIFACE and the expertise of VSI in building enterprise scale mission-critical applications.

Additionally, UNIFACE allowed VSI to make VS+ an even more purely rules-based application, which reduces the time required for implementation. VSI is able to deliver a customized system to each customer without the excessive custom programming and complexity required by other ERP solutions.

"Our decision to join the Compuware Business Alliance Program was both a business and a technology decision. We felt that UNIFACE would allow us to better scale to meet the demands of Fortune 500 clients due to its true three-tier architecture and its ability to integrate with legacy systems that support a variety of industry RDBMSs," said Mike Allen, vice president of sales for VSI . "Equally important was Compuware's global presence, large professional services staff and strong commitment to the success of its Business Alliance Partners."

The VS+ application is a component-based, closed-loop ERP solution that incorporates the following components: traditional MRPII; capacity-driven; multi-company; global supply chain; engineering; purchasing; distribution and integrated financials. VSI 's strength lies in their unique Business Process Modeling (BPM) methodical analysis of each customer's business processes which becomes the basis for defining the VS+ business rules.

"The type of business analysis performed by VSI could easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars if performed by an outside consulting group. VSI clearly differentiates their application by providing this key function," said Alan Cantrell, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions (UNIFACE) at Compuware. "This approach is in stark contrast with today's prominent ERP solutions that often require organizations to adapt their business to use standardized software. We are very excited to offer VSI 's VS+ product through the Business Alliance Program."

"It is so easy to write the screen mapping that for the first time we've been able to train our applications specialists who normally install the product and train customers to do the mapping when they go on-site," said Sally Allen, president and CEO of VSI . "Due to its open architecture, UNIFACE also makes it easy to deploy applications on multiple platforms, including the web."

Business Alliance Program
The Compuware Business Alliance Program provides customers with a broad range of solutions built by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) that have expertise in general business applications and specific vertical markets. There are currently 420 packaged application vendors in the program who have developed more than 700 solutions for resale. The program provides support for joint sales and marketing opportunities, training and professional services. Horizontal applications are available for financials, human resources, workflow management, sales and marketing, distribution and more. Applications are also available supporting more than 50 different vertical markets including defense, education, healthcare, retail, telecommunications and utilities.

VSI is a 22-year veteran of providing systems design and packaged applications to more than 200 manufacturing and distribution companies in the United States, Canada, England and Mexico. The Indiana-based company's client list has included Hobart, Avanti Motors, Beltone Electronics, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, Jaymar-Ruby, Molded Fiber Glass Companies and others. The VSI staff includes individuals with a variety of certifications to ensure adherence to all applicable industry standards including APICs, GAAP, CAAS and DRP.

UNIFACE is Compuware's development environment for building, renewing and integrating strategic applications. UNIFACE focuses on the critical areas of e-commerce, enterprise application integration and legacy renewal to reduce the cost of ownership of business-critical applications and increase the return on investment of the IT budget.

Compuware Corporation
Compuware productivity solutions help 14,000 of the world's largest corporations more efficiently maintain and enhance their most critical business applications. Providing immediate and measurable return on information technology investments, Compuware products and services improve quality, lower costs and increase the speed at which systems can be developed, implemented and supported. Compuware employs approximately 15,000 information technology professionals worldwide. With trailing 12-month revenues of more than $1.7 billion, Compuware is the world leader in client/server development technology. For more information about Compuware, please contact the corporate offices at 800-521-9353. You may also visit Compuware on the World Wide Web at


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