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In a strategic move to target larger companies, VSI, creator of manufacturing systems, ported its entire solution to the IBM® Enterprise Server (S/390®) platform. As a result of the port, VSI is able to address increasing demand in the ERP-based, supply chain market for integration techniques. VSI's manufacturing solution, Vertical Systems+ (VS+), can now easily integrate with S/390 systems and other existing applications, allowing its prospective customers to receive increased return on investment while implementing a manufacturing package that fits with the organization's current software.

This move was made easy with Compuware because VS+ is built in UNIFACE, Compuware's application development environment. VSI's technical staff exported repository and sample data without difficulty using UNIFACE's flexible utilities and drivers. The entire port, which was from a Solid database running on NT and/or AIX to DB2 V7.1 on the IBM S/390 platform, took less than four hours. VSI was able to execute its VS+ application on the S/390 immediately, with no changes to the application or data.

If you are interested in speaking to:

  • VSI about the benefits of porting to the S/390 and the ease with which Compuware allowed VSI to do this contact Mike Allen, Vice President, +
  • IBM about Independent Solution Vendors (ISVs) in general porting to the Enterprise Server platforms (S/390 and zSeriesÔ) contact Vida Odescalchi, IBM Corporation, Program Manager, Media Relations, +1 (914) 766-3773
  • Compuware about why it is easy to port applications built in UNIFACE to the IBM S/390 platform contact Franco Flore, Senior Product Manager for Compuware's UNIFACE product line, +31-20-3116344



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