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Business Process Modeling by Vertical Systems Inc.

BPM should be solidly based upon a business' improvements, best business practice, and gap analysis definition which may entail one to three weeks focusing on all "silos." After all, if you invest in an information system, you should be able to implement business improvements, quantify your needs, and expect results and benefits!


Provide business critical enterprise-wide complete "silo" information systems to fit, complement, or complete current systems based upon the client's specific business rules. Create a Business Process Model (BPM) based upon a three week study on business improvements, best business practices, and gap analysis. The study will accurately reflect information chain requirements, incorporate business improvements, and take into account all "silos." A thorough business flow model is available providing complete documentation, scalability ,and flexibility to meet immediate and continuing specific business-critical needs.


State the business goals which focus on all "silos", constraints, and benefits, along with business rules, terminology and priorities necessary in order to meet the objectives of the business plan. Assist the steering group in developing a Business Process Model (BPM) which entails defining and re-defining information system needs as we focus on the goals.

The Business Process Model (BPM) contains industry standard (APICS,GAAP,CAAS,DRP) rules-based functionalities based upon a repository of tasks to be used to address constraints, paradigms, and goals. Business Process Modeling (BPM) gives the client the ability to simulate or model your current, new, or "blue sky" needs prior to actual implementation.

This BPM capability provides for a focused, componentized implementation to information system needs which assists in executing the business plan toward the goal.


   Results-Cost Analysis

The BPM approach gives the steering group guidance and the ability to rapidly simulate and re-examine current and proposed capabilities, and re-simulate those information system areas without a platoon of high-priced consultants. Client understood deliverables versus billables! ROI!
The value in comparison to VSI's competitors is monumental. Based upon VSI's unique design, best business practices, business improvements and BPM implementation methodology, the client is able to "red line" new improvements while measuring variances from or acceptance of industry standard in a rapid, accurate manner.

The BPM drives the configuration of the Vertical Systems+ supply chain engine and may provide complete models, dataflow and user documentation.

There is no guessing as to what the actual budget is going to be for implementation. The "guess" work is eliminated because of the unique CBD/UML rules-based design and BPM methodology.

VSI's design provides for both scalability and flexibility operating in a database-independent environment with new components and/or legacy systems currently in place, thus providing for legacy renewal at a lower cost in both the interface and training areas. The inherent web-enabled capability provides for both intranet and internet throughout.

VSI's approach provides the opportunity to focus on important factors such as constraints, modeling paradigms, business improvements, gap analysis, and short and long term priorities truly providing an effective execution tool for the business plan.

VSI's design and methodology provides a competitive and productive business model with improvements and cost-effective rapid accurate implementation in weeks rather than most systems which may take months, years, or maybe never!





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