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With foundations laid since 1977, as a design-oriented enterprise solutions provider, VSI provides SOA (service oriented architected) scalable, componentized, business rules-based, ERP/MES supply chain systems for all types and sized of single and/or multi-company, multi-divisional manufacturing and mixed mode needs including specialized distribution and integrated financials including varied costing methods. Our approach is either monolithic or componentized “best of breed”. Our focus is your world in providing information system needs from employee, to vendor to customer.


VSI’s enterprise applications solution is a carefully orchestrated, integrated blend of robust application functionality, technology, hardware and peopleware. We focus on component-based design and development using the foremost scalable, unfied modeling language, N-tiered, non modal architecture with integrated, advanced testing methodologies providing web enabled, browser driven, and a “bullet-proof” deliverable with database independence.

VSI's design philosophy is straightforward: "More functionality with fewer lines of code." We believe design coupled with our componentized BRE (business rules engine) is primary to successful application solutions and rapid, accurate, cost-effective deployment.

VSI's enterprise wide, scalable, service oriented architected, componentized BRE (business rules engine) method with embedded BI (business intelligence) tools is based on APICS, GAAP, CAAS, DRP, push/pull industry standards and techniques. This method, unlike a typical modification approach, provides user-definable solutions with metrics and the flexibility necessary to meet ever-changing business-critical demands.

VSI's component-based, service oriented architected, business rules engine design, in unison with comprehensive, accepted and new e-business industry standards and techniques provides the independence and rapid versatility you need in most any environment, with the support you expect. No matter where information system needs are in your enterprise, call us.

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