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Manufacturing-ShopFloor Control

 Master scheduling (consumes forecast)
 Capacity resource planning/backward-forward-finite
 Kanban card print / Lean / TOC
 Addresses Push/Pull
 Priority dispatch list
 Variance reporting
 Automatic work order generation
 Labor entry tracked to job, part, work center, department
 Efficiency reports by work center, order, employee
 Scrap reporting by reason code
 WIP tracking
 Online material issue
 Track material shortages
 Actual costing
 Full history
 Preventative/predictive maintenance
 UPS/Freight interface


   Material Control
 Full MRPII capability
 Net change and/or regen plus multiple methods
 Plans purchased and manufactured items
 Pegging/exception reporting
 Action reports
 Project inventory
 Multiple level (300+)BOM
 Phantom BOM's
 Modular bills
 Serial/lot (split/merge)traceability
 Tool bills
 On line shortage checking
 Backflushing by job, operation(s) or completion
 Physical inventory tags and worksheets
 Detailed item master
 Cycle count
 Automatic ABC classification


 Interfaces to general ledger
 GL Calendar / Fiscal - 14 month periods
 Standard costing
 Sub-system transfers w/o posting to GL
 On line three way matching
 Variance controls
 Manual payment processing
 Recurring payables processing
 Void/reversal processing
 1099 capable
 Automatic payment selection
 Multiple banks supported / Bank reconciliation
 Aging report
 Cut off reports for AR and AP
 Unvouchered receipts cut off
 Supports LIFO/FIFO
 Integrated from OE to shipping
 Supports credit card payments
 Flexible financial statement generator
 Pro forma "as if" reporting
 Flexible fiscal periods
 Supports credit card payments
 Periods may remain open or frozen (date sensitive)
 EDI fully supported
 Fully date sensitive throughout


 Customer Relations Management
 Supports split commissions
 Product, Pricing, Customer, and Analysis
 Product analysis
 Pricing analysis
 Customer analysis
 User defined reports
 Quotation configuration
    Sales Order Entry
 Customer master files
 Separate/unlimited ship to/bill to
 Unlimited drop ships
 Flexible pricing, discounts/commissions
 Integrated AR, inventory, production, MPS & MRP
 Automatic manufacturing order generation
 Automatic pick ticket generation
 One step invoicing


 Requisition process with approval levels
 Requisition to purchase order conversion
 Supports outside processing
 Automatic PO generation by MRP
 Supports contract/blanket pricing
 Multiple delivery dates
 MRB / Vendor performance tracking by quality,
    delivery and pricing
 Unit of measure conversion throughout
 Interface to AP


 Engineering change notice control/date sensitive
 Multiple revision levels per item and routing
 On line BOM copy and editing
 Ability to transfer quote to live system
 Tooling bill of materials


 Statistical process control
 Receiving inspection
 Process instructions
 Vendor analysis
 Scrap reporting and analysis
 Serial/lot (split/merge) traceability
 Document control
 Service and repair/ RMA


   General system capabilities
 Menu personalization
 Security by group, user, program
 Multiple organizations, plants, warehouses, locations, bins
 Personalized folders/widgets
 Real time processing
 ODBC Compliant / N-tiered / Database independent
 E-commerce, web-enabled





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