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Business Process Modeling

VSI provides Business Process Modeling (BPM) consultancy and applications design capabilities utilizing Advanced modeling tools for flow and best practice evaluations. APICS and GAAP training is available on site or at VSI's offices. CPE credits are available.

   System Design
VSI provides a componentized, unified modeling language, rules-based design to standard and mission-critical supply chain system needs specific to the client's business demands.


VSI provides CBD, UML, N-tiered, and web-enabled rules-based solution meant to be personalized to the client's best business practices. VSI provides a global systems group to meet those specific business needs in a rapid, accurate, and documented manner.


VSI provides CPIM's, CPA's, MBA's, M.E.'s, I.E.'s, and E.E's capable of assisting clients in all areas of a manufacturing, distribution, and accounting implementation inclusive of industry-standard best business practice evaluations.


   Enterprise Training
VSI provides ERP supply chain training based on the standard, rules-based Manufacturing Systems + supply chain system. A one week intense session with key implementors focusing on business modeling and re-engineering answering many questions as to best business practices to execute.


   On-Going Training
VSI provides qualified applications specialists for target sessions on various business techniques such as bills of material structure, costing and variance reporting, inventory control, shop floor control, throughput optimization, receiving, etc., either on site or at VSI's offices.


   Custom Programming
VSI provides qualified programming people for specific projects. VSI is usually able to set a cap on the quoted amount and will archive and support the custom code.




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